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Member Profile

Matt Holden
Washington Unit

Matt Holden is a rising senior at Washington High School. Matt sets the standard for LIT (Leader in Training) members. He is constantly looking for ways to make someone else's day a little better.
Matt was recently chosen to be featured as our Triple Play Healthy Habits success story. He started eating healthy and exercising, as a result has lost over 30lbs. A motivating factor for Matt's embracing Triple Play/Healthy Habit Program, was his desire to enlist in the US Marine Corp. Matt is planning to enlist in the United States Marine Corp after graduation. "The one word that I feels defines me now is READY.

Leader Spotlight

Corey Watford
Washington Unit

For over a year Ms. Corey has worked as a valued leader at the Washington Unit. She has done an exceptional job connecting with members of the Club and her passion is working with 6-8 year olds. Ms. Corey is a very creative artist and an inspiration to kids. She encourages the members to express themselves through their artwork. Ms. Corey recently graduated from Mt. Olive College and is considering a career with the Boys & Girl Clubs of the Coastal Plain.